Back to Back : Sophie Vallance Cantor and Lily German

7 - 22 February 2021

Back to Back is a series of duo exhibitions taking place from January - March 2021 seeking to create unpredictable dialogues between artists.

This edition of Back to Back brings together the work of painter, Sophie Vallance Cantor, and ceramic artist Lily German, co-curated by Cassandra Bowes and Anna Woodward.

Lily German is a London based ceramic artist whose work investigates the rawness of materiality through her ceramic vessels. Lily’s uses of mark making and coloured pigments creates other worldly textures that transcend our traditional understanding of ceramic surfaces. Sophie Vallance Cantor is a Glasgow based painter whose work is driven by the relationship of reality and fantasy, creating paintings that sit between the realms of the two worlds. Sophie takes inspiration from the world around her and often features her own cats as a recurring motif within her painterly language.

When bringing these two artists together the curators considered the concept of fantasy and reality and how materiality and familiarity of imagery pulls the artists practices together. The setting of this exhibiton is a derelict apartment in Kensington. The emptiness and age of the building further pushes the works to occupy their own space, removing the contextualisation of a traditional gallery setting and leading us to consider our own perceptions of reality.