London based gallery Bowes-Parris was founded by Cassandra Bowes to showcase the most exciting emerging and early-career contemporary artists. We champion the underrepresented artists and voices that need to be heard in the art world.


    Hosting innovative exhibitions both online and across London, we aim to bring the art world into the 21st Century via our core beliefs of transparency, diversity and accessibility. We offer our clients an engaging experience both on and offline, connecting collectors with the underrepresented talent in the art world and offering a new way of experiencing and collecting emerging art. 


    Working with some of the most prestigious collectors across the globe as well as a new generation of collectors, we specialise in socially conscious collecting, building collections that are truly diverse and representative. Bowes-Parris offers advisory services for those looking to build their collection.


    For artists, we offer advice and support. We believe in building strong relationships with their artists and building their careers